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Without A House

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I had the pleasure of working with my good friend Tyrrell Shaffner, filmmaker extraordinaire and Executive Producer at SpiritClips, on a holiday-themed short film. I created drawings which were then animated by the talented Mika Tanisaki to produce a motion comic of Tyrrell’s sweet story of a man struggling to give his daughter a happy Christmas during the Great Depression. The film is viewable here but requires a SpiritClips membership, so I’d like to share some of my illustrations below to give a taste of the project. Tyrrell also wrote a great post about the inspiration for the film on her blog.

This was a really fun project to work on–I hadn’t done animation work since college, and while it’s extremely labor intensive it was a great exercise to have to think in a motion framework again. I also created all the drawings directly in Photoshop using my Wacom tablet, which is different from my usual style of hand-drawing and scanning in.


One thought on “Without A House

  1. Such an amazing job, Alice! Thanks for all of your hard work.

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