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Charles Osborn & David Woods

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This fall & winter I’ve had a temporary roommate in my friend Lauren, a new LA transplant. She just found a permanent home in the hills (with a spectacular view of which I’m pretty jealous) so I’ve been working on getting my apartment back in order. It was great to have her (though I was so busy those months I could barely appreciate it) but only-child me is happy to re-rearrange. This means my studio is actually my studio again, not a Japanese-hotel-tiny bedroom, and my living room is a living room and not a studio with a couch in it. And most excitingly, my bedroom is my bedroom and not Lauren’s.

(Living room pre-roommate. Yes, it’s extremely twee.)

I’ve been taking this overhaul as an opportunity to redecorate slightly and I’ve been looking for some large-scale art for my bedroom walls (what I really, really, embarrassingly intensely want is one of these or one of these but 98 frivolous dollars I do not have). I was browsing Etsy tonight and happened across the OsbornWoods shop and was just absolutely delighted.

First of all, this is one of my favorite kinds of art/design: from the 50s and 60s, bold & graphic but with a clear feeling of being handmade, brightly colored and really playing to the strengths of screenprinting or lithography. Furthermore, all the posters are deadstock which means that they most likely feel and smell (OK, sorry, I’m weird) amazing. They’re not some digital reproduction, it’s the real thing. And while you can pry my computer and my Wacom from my cold dead hands, I still maintain that there is something incomparable about a piece of paper where the ink has really been slapped on and soaked up.

And oh my lord one of them is a botanical poster! And remotely affordable!

This is the one I chose:

The store profile piqued my curiosity so I looked up a little bit more about these two and they are pretty fascinating. Partners and collaborators living in California (yay), they accomplished a huge amount outside their already prolific art practice–historical preservation & archiving, founding museums (& a teddy bear convention…?), fostering community and starting what looks like a really cool radio station. Here are a few articles I found–I’m sure there are more. I’d love to have a book about these two.

Gravel & Gold, Large Mammal (what a great name!), Imprint.

So, needless to say, I am extremely excited about seeing this beauty in person. And since I just got a Yudu…I’m feeling pretty inspired.

One thought on “Charles Osborn & David Woods

  1. Aw, so great to live with you for a few months! I can’t wait to see your new decorations. 🙂

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