Junior Bizarre

Baby Mobile

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No, not a mobile made of babies…a mobile for a baby!

My landlords, who live in my building, had a little girl last year and she recently had a birthday party. I stopped by to say hi but had to get back to work (story of my life these days!), so I wanted to give a little present as well. This mobile was super easy and looks cute too (though now I regret not painting both sides so you see animals no matter how the pieces are hanging). I took two kebab skewers and cut off the pointy ends and sanded down both sides (even though this is decoration and clearly not a baby-friendly toy, I didn’t want pointy things on it). I painted some partly-made-up animals on some thick watercolor paper and cut them out and punched holes. I bound the kebab sticks together tightly with pretty colors of embroidery thread (remember making god’s eyes at camp with popsicle sticks and yarn? Wrap it like that) and then strung thread through the punched holes and tied them to the kebabs. The hardest part was lining up the strings it hangs from. I hope my tiniest landlord likes it!

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