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Nikhil Dreams of Food

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So my boyfriend dreams about food…a lot. He wakes me up in the middle of the night talking in his sleep about the things his subconscious most wishes he was eating. He has so many dreams about food that this has become a thing. I think they are hilarious. I look forward to them and record them when they happen (once I was so sleepy myself I was worried I would forget, so I wrote myself an unsent text message in my phone for the next morning). He’s not quite at the level of Sleep Talkin’ Man but he can hold his own. I decided I needed to do something with them because this material is pure gold. It was his birthday a few weeks ago, so I compiled a few of them into short comic strips and put a book together as a gift. He loved it and I was pretty happy with them too so I figured I would put them on the internets like a real comic! For the gift I printed the strips out and watercolored them; here I’ve colored in Photoshop and I quite like it. It was fun trying to make shadows look like moonlight. Anyway, I hope you enjoy part one of Nikhil Dreams of Food. There will be more–presumably many more, if the man keeps being as hungry as he apparently is–and they are all true stories.

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