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Nothing but flowers…

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I came across these incredible flower collages by Anne ten Donkelaar via Design Work Life today–aren’t they amazing?

I love how much they feature cacti and succulents. When I first moved to California, the foliage was what struck me the most. Not even the fact that flowers bloom year round here (though that is wonderful by itself), but how different the plants are from the East Coast. They are spiky and waxy and alternate soft dusty colors with crazy pops of neon; they make you want to touch them immediately but also seem slightly dangerous. I spent some time at a nursery this past weekend and was reminded of my love for Echeveria–the colors always blow me away, that dull sage-y blue-green paired with hot pink and peach tones. Have you seen an Echeveria plant? They’re beautiful:

(Photo credits from top left clockwise: here, here, here and here)

I have a little Echeveria of my own languishing on my hot front steps as we speak. I should go give her a little more attention (and maybe do a portrait).

(And for good measure, now I’ve got this song stuck in my head, and so will you)

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