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Hey, I started a new blog!

To quote from my own introduction, it’s a super girly self-indulgent illustration project I dreamed up in order to justify spending too much time online looking at pretty dresses, while still escaping spending money or having to take twelve pictures of myself every day.

It is also an exercise in drawing like I did when I was little–by which I mean drawing girls and clothes, making up characters, and not getting too self-conscious or worried that this art is not for a job. Also being really obsessed with paper dolls.

I have a love-hate relationship with fashion blogs, like I think many girls do; on the one hand, I love reading them, living vicariously through these girls. I do think a lot about fashion and have always been interested in it. When I was three, I told my mom that my favorite things to do were drawing and “changing my clothes”. I remember being real keen on wearing several hats at once, and was always excited to pore through hand-me-downs. My BFF and I had sweet matching pairs of sherbet-colored hi-tops I wish I still had today. In high school I scoured rural PA’s goldmine of thrift stores, though my daily outfit was pretty much always knock-off Vans from Payless, men’s pants with paint on them (maybe overalls), and shirts from the little boys section of Goodwill (I wore a lot of boys pajamas as tops). Oh, and a choker (the 90’s, amirite??). In college and slightly after I got more adventurous and went through a truly ridiculous phase–in fact I recently came across a hilarious and mortifying photo of myself circa 2004 wearing a turquoise corduroy pleated shirtdress over a pair of jeans (this was pre-skinny jeans trend, so picture accordingly), under a hot pink cardigan, under a pink wool plaid blazer, with Converse, a multi-strand plastic pearl necklace, and a lip ring. I remember also having strong feelings about a polyester orange and brown vintage fast food uniform, crocheted legwarmers, and wearing a plastic tiara in public. Oh, yes. Anyway, point is I’ve always been pretty interested in what I’m wearing and what others are wearing and I love that the growth of fashion blogs has made that all really accessible.

On the other hand, I can feel uncomfortable about super-glorified consumerism and the thought of taking so many pictures of myself every day makes me cringe. There’s also the whole issue of fashion and lifestyle blogs portraying yet another idealized image to compare oneself to, and the homogeneity that can emerge, which was thoughtfully covered in Bitch magazine a little while back. However, whenever I start getting nervous about fashion as a superficial pursuit, this quote Morgan pointed me to is a really great check:

Fashion is one of the very few forms of expression in which women have more freedom than men. And I don’t think it’s an accident that it’s typically seen as shallow, trivial, and vain. It is the height of irony that women are valued for our looks, encouraged to make ourselves beautiful and ornamental… and are then derided as shallow and vain for doing so. And it’s a subtle but definite form of sexism to take one of the few forms of expression where women have more freedom, and treat it as a form of expression that’s inherently superficial and trivial. Like it or not, fashion and style are primarily a women’s art form. And I think it gets treated as trivial because women get treated as trivial.
Fashion is a Feminist Issue: Greta Christina

Yeah, yeah, I know—tl;dr. Buuut the point of the story is I’M DRAWING SOME LADIES IN SOME CLOTHES AND YOU SHOULD GO LOOK AT THEM.


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