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This past week has been a little crazy! Nikhil and I went to Pennsylvania (also NYC for a day, and Philly multiple times even though we were thwarted at every turn trying to see the Duchamps at the art museum, and lots of frolicking and drinking Yuengling and chasing a dismayed suburban boy around with a chicken…uhm…and lots of scenic drives and good food), and I’ve been running around going to job interviews, freelancing and trying to buy a car with no luck. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind and thanks to a clothes swap I hosted the night before we left town, my apartment is a total mess. It looks like a Filene’s Basement dressing room, y’all. Not pretty. Anyway, as I barely have time for basic life maintenance right now I haven’t had time to keep up with this blog or with Imaginary Fashion Bloggers and am feeling some major guilt for it so here are some little peeks in my sketchbook from the trip, as well as the totally nuts scorekeeping I improvised for a very, very long darts game at a members-only bar in a basement in the town where The Blob was filmed.

Lastly, this photo was taken in my parents backyard and basically captures Pennsylvania wonderfulness whole. Credit to Jessa.


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