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LET’S go see another BEAUTIFUL VIEW!

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Life has been a whirlwind lately! For months and months, it feels like. I’m on the job hunt, so that’s always fun (not) and in between I’m freelancing, and while I’ve had some great gigs the instability can be nerve-wracking. I also went back East, bought a car (I KNOW it feels like I’m cheating on my bike), had freelance jobs at all distant ends of the city and since it’s now the “rainy season” in LA traffic has been wretched, and now for the past week and a bit my friend Megan has been in town and I’ve been trying to show her the sights in the teeny slivers of downtime that I’ve got. We’ve been great influences on each other as far as drawing goes (Meg, who is an art installer and main assistant for a famous artist, and a wonderful artist in her own right, dubbed her trip an “artcation”) and while I haven’t been drawing anything for my blog or anything intense and project-based (except work work of course), I have been drawing a ton in my sketchbook. I know that’s all I’ve got on the blog these days but to be honest that’s what’s been going on!

So here’s what we’ve got: a craft night with some ladyfriends and vegetable pizza and mulled cider, a trip to the Getty where we saw a rainbow and a ridiculously-amazingly dressed thirteen-ish year old boy told us that he wore mismatched socks every day, some great food (saw Jonathan Gold at Din Tai Fung, of course), a trip to the Rose Bowl flea market, a poetry reading at the Last Bookstore where two of my friends read, watching movies and drawing and drinking tea, trying to draw all 50 states from memory, driving out to the desert and blasting Rihanna and Kate Bush and Kanye and Best Coast and trying to name my car, seeing a man get out of his truck and stand by the tracks at a long, long, long stop for a train and Meg said “He wants to feel alive” and it was true, watching the sun set over the Salton Sea and clambering around Salvation Mountain and making friends with the kitties and marveling at the whole thing, and getting our art supplies all over the table and mixed up with the forks and onion rings at the diner next to the Pee Wee’s Big Adventure dinosaurs. At least, that’s some of it.

And then tomorrow Nikhil and I drive all the way back out to Palm Springs for a wedding! Man.


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