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Tammis Keefe

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One of my favorite illustrator/designers is Tammis Keefe (also sometimes known as Peg Thomas, a clever way she used to get around non-compete contracts, haha). I think I feel a special affinity to her as a fellow Californian textile designer, but I also just love her style and subjects. I love Vera too, like everybody else, but Tammis’ work is always a little weirder, a little more playful. She has her florals, but mostly she’s known for quirky illustrations of animals, people, circuses, balloons, locomotives & so on. There’s some great info on her here and here.

I had seen Supayana’s Etsy shop on a few different design & fashion blogs lately and fell in love with this cat print shirt she was offering. It felt very Tammis Keefe to me and I waaaanted it. I wasn’t sure the high-neck wide-sleeve version would be flattering on me though, so I messaged her asking if she’d be willing to make a custom size in the fabric for me. As it turned out, YES it was a Tammis Keefe print (looks like a few tribute prints were made by Michael Miller Fabrics but it doesn’t look like a lot of them are still available) and YES she could make me a custom shirt. It arrived today and I loooove it. The fabric is amazing (look at those cats! Aaahhh!) and the shirt itself is so well made and exactly the shape I wanted. I’m no fashion blogger, but I’m so happy with it I had to share how it turned out.

There’s also a bunch of Tammis Keefe hankies and such on Etsy right now (and I’ve found a few of my own at flea markets). Check out that unicorn!

1 / Gramily
2 / Splendor in the Trash
3 / At Home Modern
4 / Murdups
5 / Dr. Carrot
6 / Murdups
7 / Sweet Alice Loves You (another Alice–nice!)


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  1. YAY! I’m so happy you like it 🙂 Thanks for blogging about it!

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