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Oh what, it’s been six months since I last wrote a blog post? Nuh uh….well I guess it didn’t really matter seeing as the blog link on my site has been broken since the launch. OH WELL LIFE GOES ON. Here is what I have been doing in that life! First cool thing, I made paper dolls of the Man Repeller! They were part of a pre-order marketing ploy for her new book from Grand Central Publishing, but now that it’s on sale and you can just regular order, I can show you the finished product. It was very fun to draw all her repellent outfits and I love that I got to make a paper doll wear white socks.


Other than a fun private commission for a wedding invite that I’ve already added to my portfolio site, I haven’t been too busy on the illustration front. I finally got a fulltime job (textile design for swimwear) which has been frankly a relief from two years of chasing down the next freelance gig, and I’ve been adjusting to that routine again. I wish I didn’t have such a long commute and I wish dearly I could still bike to work, but I’ve discovered that my office is near some of the best food in the Southland (what’s up, tiny sushi place with only six things on the menu that wraps your takeout like a present complete with printed paper and ribbon) so it’s a fair trade-off. I went out of town a lot (Pennsylvania, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree, Catalina Island, um, Irvine…), and I moved! I’m still in LA, just a new neighborhood to explore now–so far I have found a chandelier tree, fairytale houses, a miniature lending library, a ton of awesome friendly dogs, and I’m pretty sure I saw Bubbles from the Wire jogging in front of my house (definitely saw him and Kima hanging out IRL at the restaurant he owns nearby). After 4 years of staying put I forgot how time consuming it is to settle into a new place! Things are starting to fall into order though and I have a new fun project in the works that I can share soon. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things but in the meantime here’s some sketchin’ from my travels:

Dreamy Joshua Tree airbnb — Bianca’s got better photos of this weekend but that pool was glorious

The tiniest peek at Deborah Murphy’s amazing house from the Los Angeles Walks fundraiser

Exhausted boyfriend sleeping in a casino in Vegas after winning third place in his kung fu tournament #braggingbyproxy

One of many backyard/driveway barbeques — I believe at this one we made pizzas on the grill and they were ON POINT

Ladies working on some serious island relaxation

I actually am at the end of this sketchbook–no more blank pages, not even weird ones with little thready sketches on them that I can draw over. My feels are sad/accomplished.


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