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Ceramics inspiration

Fabric isn’t the only place to look for inspiration. I often find beautiful, weird and funny surface pattern and illustration on vintage home decor and kitchenware…Etsy Vintage is really a remarkable resource. I used to browse a thrift store for hours to come up with maybe ten pieces–now I can find ten a page in three seconds. There’s a twinge of “having it too easy” that comes with that of course, and I still love to browse a thrift store for hours (though the ones in LA are more picked over than the rural PA ones I went to before Etsy existed), but I can’t deny the amazingness of it as a resource! Here are some finds from today:

1 / Little rooster (!!!) teapot from Tin Monkey on a Bike (I might need this)
2 / Oddly compelling cookie jar from fuzzymama
3 / Wheat design Pyrex bowls from CraftySara
4 / Map plate from Lady Kitschener’s Vintage Emporium (love souvenir maps)
5 / Poppy pitcher from Bimini Cricket
6 / Franciscan Starbursts from MoosePDX
7 / Stanley Ballard pitcher from Hazel Home