Junior Bizarre

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I’ve been taking a life drawing class at Barnsdall lately. “Class” is a loose term–it’s an uninstructed three-hour session with a model once a week; three long poses. Part of me wishes it had more structure (I feel like I learn really well with critique), but part of me enjoys the freedom to just draw. I haven’t done any posed, with a professional model, not by the seat of my pants in a tiny book life drawing since college and it’s been refreshing–if a bit frustrating on occasion, as with anything under-practiced I guess. I’ve also taken to calling it “Old Man Class” (extra hilarious when paired with my other recent extracurricular, “Butt Class”) since my first day there it was five senior dudes and myself. It’s turned out to include more ladies, but I’m still the youngest person by a good three decades.

I’ve really been enjoying it and plan on signing up for the next semester when this one ends next month. It’s a great deal for time with a model ($100 for twelve weeks! Way cheaper than Butt Class) and it’s been a really lovely, peaceful way to spend Thursday mornings while sharpening my neglected skills.

I wanted to show some of the work I’ve done…caveat, these are sketches and practice ones at that. And my camera sucks and most of these are too big to scan. And they are all, um, naked, so here’s a cut for delicate sensibilities.

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